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Moremi Game Reserve

Acknowledged as the most successful, stable and peaceful of African Countries, Botswana is home to the Okavango Delta, Kalahari Desert, Chobe National Park and the beautiful and diverse Moremi Game Reserve – which was set-aside in 1963, by the local community and is named after Chief Moremi. Although just under 5 000 square kilometres in extent, it is a surprisingly diverse Reserve.

At present, the World’s largest producer of gem quality diamonds, Botswana has been able to develop its tourism without the urgent need for revenues that face many other African countries. An eco-tourism policy of high yield, but low impact, has resulted in visitors being able to experience an Africa at its most natural, unspoilt and stunningly beautiful. Thus the Reserve itself has very few lodges, and only 4 areas set-aside for camping (at South Gate, Third Bridge, Xakanaxa, and Khwai). There are a number of Lodges on the outskirts of the Reserve, whose guests visit on daily game drives.
The Moremi Game Reserve covers much of the eastern side of the Delta, and combines permanent water, with drier areas – making for some startling, and unexpected contrasts. It also incorporates Chief’s Falcon in the centre of the Delta, and an excellent game viewing area. In the Moremi you can experience excellent savannah game viewing by 4×4, as well as bird-watching on the lagoons. There are also thickly wooded areas, which are home to the shy, and rare, Leopard. To the north-east lies the Chobe National Park which borders directly on to the Moremi Game Reserve.The Moremi Game Reserve, although not one of the largest Parks, never fails to impress even the most experienced of travellers. Home to nearly 500 species of bird, and a vast array of other species of wildlife, the Moremi game reserve offers the opportunity to explore not only in 4×4’s but on foot and by mokoro – a dug-out canoe, hewn from either ebony or sausage-tree, and poled by your personal Guide. Although, today most of the mekoro (plural of mokoro), are made from fibre glass, thus helping to preserve the magnificent, and old, trees of the delta.

Travel between Lodges is accomplished by light aircraft transfers, as most lodges have their own airstrips. Therefore, you can easily combine a number of lodges in a variety of areas.

Accommodation in Botswana is of a very high standard, considering many Lodges are built deep into the bush