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Moremi Game Reserve since 1994

Hello. Our hotel has been present for over 20 years. We make the best or all our customers. This need revision since the website is about the Game reserve and we are a tour operator not a hotel.

We greet you and are delighted in sharing Southern Africa, a region with millions of welcoming smiles, wildlife paradise, incredible scenic beauty, and the seventh wonder of the world, Victoria Falls, with our guests. We are a Tour Operator as well as a premier full-service Destination Management Company with over 15 years of combined in-house experience. We operate tailor-made safaris, incentives, and adventure travel in and around Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique, and South Africa. Whether it be car rental, a comprehensive travel itinerary, or accommodation bookings, we will provide you with all your travel requirements, making Falcon Safaris a one-stop travel shop.

Our core staff has more than twenty-five years of combined experience in organizing Southern Africa safaris. Our tour guides, porters, driver guides, and cook are second to none among southern African tour operators. Our safaris are high quality and we have all the proper equipment needed to maximize your safari experience. Most traveling is done in 4×4 vehicles with an open design rooftop, and we guarantee a window seat for ease of photography, game viewing, and touring. We take great care to provide our travellers with safe, challenging, exciting, and memorable adventures and will be delighted to organize your African adventure. We work by responding to what you want from your holiday not by selling you what suits us. Our wide adventure travel experience means we can understand your needs and can offer practical suggestions; we are up to date, informative and flexible.


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Our expert advice is free whether you travel with us or not. We promise fair and competitive pricing.


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After a coherent experience in business and a lifetime of living and travelling in our destinations.


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Our experienced Safari Experts match your preferences and budget to carefully selected lodges and activities.

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There are a number of lodges in the north-east of the Moremi, which offer both land-based and water-based activities. Lodges based within the Moremi Game Reserve generally do not offer night drives or bush walks, and no off-road driving is permitted. Most of the lodges are tented safari camps.

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